Our Principles

On behalf of Newcomers we Advocate, Build Support and Open Corridors.

Advocate means WE…

  • Are willing to expand our networks and create a greater overlap of these networks with traditional talent sources and pools
  • Are willing to put our reputations on the line to advocate for newcomers; are willing to do bold things
  • Will pass the mike, step aside and make room for others

Build Support means WE…

  • Are committed to creating circles of support that attract and retain newcomers to the life-science community.
  • Challenge assumptions and perceptions that maintain the status quo
  • Ask questions to shine a light on progress and barriers

Open Corridors means WE…

  • Will define the purpose and impact of the life science industry and establish corridors to actively promote two-way communication, engender positive perceptions and inspire others to join our cause.
  • Amplify newcomers’ stories and serve as their allies
  • Invite those from other disciplines, cultures, and communities who can educate, connect and act with us to create change